Chatting with Brooklyn, Founder of 'Words to Heal You'

I recently spoke to a good friend of mine Brooklyn Engelken about how her latest project, Words to Heal You, began and what's behind it.

What is Words to Heal You? 

Words to heal you is a virtual safe space that I created to impact social media as I felt it was a draining, dark hole of comparison and negativity. Words to Heal You is a positive space to encourage mindful thinking and self reflection.

Post from @wordstohealyou on Instagram

How did Words to Heal You begin? 

I felt the idea come to me a couple years ago, I always wanted to but I seriously did let fear of what others thought of me hinder it. I wrote and wrote every single day and started to feel like my journal was collecting dust when it could be impacting others. So in our second Level Four lockdown I thought it was probably time to start, regardless of what the response was from the public.

How do you incorporate the things that you share on Words to Heal You into your own life?

I tend to only share things that I’m either victorious over or that I’m currently battling through. It’s a very personal space. To me, it feels like my diary, only the whole world can see it. I apply, or at least try, to apply everything I share into my life and only speak out of a place of experience and overcoming.

Brooklyn wears Hope Dress in Walnut

What does a day in your life usually look like? 

I am active in pursuing a slow life. It’s something that's been on my heart and mind a lot recently [as seen on Words to Heal You] and I attempt daily to glide through the day rather than hustle. Hustle is the mentality of the world nowadays and I’d prefer to live every day than miss it.

Everyday is different for me… Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays I do an internship in Creative Concepts and Graphic Design whereas Mondays and Thursdays I work at one of Wellington's finest little clothing boutiques where I get to unleash a bit of my love for slow fashion. Daily, I wake up roughly at 7 (sometimes earlier, sometimes later) and I read, then wash my face Every. Single. Day. With Emma Lewisham’s products, it makes me feel beautiful and fresh! Breakfast this year has become a vital component to my morning (it hasn’t been previously which is naughty) oats or eggs, anything with protein. Then I get dressed and take on my day… whatever it may look like.

Monday evening is date night, Tuesdays and Thursday evenings I go to boxing and Wednesday night is cocktail night with the girls, always! So I always admire my evenings and maximise the fun at night time.

Why do you choose to wear Poppy Voon? 

Aside from the fact that I’m supporting my dearest friend Poppy, I just absolutely love long, free, heavy-weight dresses. In fact I’ve always loved linen dresses so much and I had no idea where to buy the ideal one from, so I asked Poppy to whip one up... and low and behold came the ‘Brooklyn Dress’ Poppy's first dress for sale. And my unbiased favourite.

I also will always lean towards New Zealand made clothes and products, so PV works perfectly for me.